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Confessions: "Rebel" Music

The benefit (well, benefit) of having an almost-decade-older sibling is that there weren’t a lot of pop-cultural limitations growing up*. This isn’t to say we were sitting down as a family to catch that new movie on Cinemax or anything; we were down with Cliff and Claire. Still, I don’t remember being told “you can’t watch that**,” "you can't read that," or “you can’t listen to that.”

Auto-tuning: an Audiobiography

or [Sounds] Like Home to Me.

I loved this idea from Erin's recent blog, and wanted to piggy-blog off of what she'd done - share memories formed around music.

I’d say that most songs that are more than five years old remind me of a specific time and place, so it’s difficult to just pick a few. I could go on and on and on…but here are some that really stick out: