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The Best of 2015

2015 was such a busy, busy year - my TENTH in Nashville! - I think there were milestones in every month, and that's following on the heels of changing jobs at the end of 2014. In some ways, January 2015 seems like it was ages ago. Mostly, though, I can't believe that it's already January again and I'm sure 2016 will breeze by!

We Built This City

Picture it. Nashville. 1985ish. Satin jackets. Badminton rackets. Power pop. That was the world of The Jackers; a sibling duo who brought the house down at every show. Well, not literally. That would've resulted in a really long Time Out.

Consider yourselves VIPs on this trip down memory lane which, coincidentally, is made up of highways and interstates that'll take us from Nashville, TN, to Prattville, AL, to Austin, TX. I'll be updating the blog with posts between now and October 2 (the "go" date of the tour part of the tour) and then the hope is to have posts, video and other multi-media from the road. You can follow updates on Twitter through @_TheJackers.

The Legend of the Jackers

I think I’ve talked about this before, but my brother and I had a “band” in the 80s (didn’t everyone) called The Jackers. Our hook? We wore jackets. Also, we played plastic badminton rackets as guitars and sang into a Fisher Price radio-tunable microphone. We played our gigs on the staircase landing in our house in Bellevue off Sawyer Brown Road. It was, in a word, awesome.