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Goodbye, Diamond Dan

I am afraid to even say this, but it seems we must tell Diamond Dan goodbye. In a shocking turn of events, Jon Hamm won out in the Must See TV category with SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT of the vote. Guys. Did NOT see that one coming. Also, with the loss of Chris Messina, the internal and public brackets are now completely separate. Before we take a look at the results, let's give Danny a proper sendoff. Chris. Danny. Whatevs. It's Must See TV, y'all...

In Defense of Gosling

In case you haven't heard, there's a new podcast in town, The Courtesy Laugh.You can find them on iTunes, or click the link to go to their Tumblr. In their introductory episode, one of the topics the guys touch on is the talent of Ryan Gosling. For whatever reason, Haley Bragg and I latched on to this and really delved into the issue at the place in Nashville that seems to inspire our pop culture sensibilities the most, Fido. Here are the results:


Before watching, I didn’t know anything about this movie beyond what other people said about it the weekend it opened. I don’t watch network television that much; I don’t go to the movies that much – I hadn’t seen trailers, or known who was in it past Leo, Ellen Page & Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I knew Christopher Nolan was involved so that it’d be pretty tight. So, going in, my ideas sound like a 12 year old girl: