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Lost without LOST

Now, for probably the last time (since I never do this when I watch with other people), my LOST recap from this week’s episode (Tuesday the 18th)... The notes that I typed during the show are at first, my comments are in italics:

Notes from the Lighthouse

Last night, I watched last week's episode of LOST (Ep 605, The Lighthouse) to catch up for this week. Because I'm used to watching with a group, I'll be was a little lonely. In the first two and a half minutes I'd had multiple OMIGOSH! moments, so I decided to put together a nice stream of consciousness post for you. (I just had to look up how to spell "consciousness.")

It should go without saying that if you haven't seen last week's episode, and you ever want to see it without knowing what happens, you shouldn't keep reading...

What's your 4-8-15-16-23-42?

It's LOST day, and I want your theories. All of them, even if they could easily be disproven. The idea is to gather as many as possible here and then come back at the end of the season (series :() and see who's the closest to being right. Take your time, post as many as you like, and if you need more room, let me know and I'll loop you in with your own post.

Also, don't give me any grief about spoilers. These aren't spoilers, they're fan theories, so unless Damon himself wanders over...don't take it so seriously!