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Goodbye, Diamond Dan

I am afraid to even say this, but it seems we must tell Diamond Dan goodbye. In a shocking turn of events, Jon Hamm won out in the Must See TV category with SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT of the vote. Guys. Did NOT see that one coming. Also, with the loss of Chris Messina, the internal and public brackets are now completely separate. Before we take a look at the results, let's give Danny a proper sendoff. Chris. Danny. Whatevs. It's Must See TV, y'all...

Segel Train: Departures Daily

Y'all, I apologize. It has been the craziest week, but in a good way. You know those times when you feel positively challenged by work, proud of yourself for "being a grownup," getting to hang out with old friends and comparatively newer friends who've moved away and are back visiting? That's been my week. It's been great, but when I get home, I've pretty much hopped straight into the 'ol jimjams and fired up the DVR.

Excuses now out of the way, here are your Sweet Sixteen result...

The Best of 2013

Much like 2009, there was a LOT of music listening going on in my life. Chalk that up to lengthy road trip preparation (and therefore obsessive playlist making), or going to a record number of concerts. There's a list inside this link, and a Spotify playlist for what is available online as well. Happy listening!