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Dear Macauley

Brooke and I came up with the following little business plan/wish list to basically spread Mac's joy throughout the world. We're not saying he'd love all these five opportunities, but we ARE saying everyone else will. Promise.

I'm Just the Messenger

Bale, Darvill, Law and Mison required a tiebreaker round (but interestingly not McGregor and Garfield, which I thought mimicked the match up of these other two in, well, to be blunt, age.

Check out the results below and get ready for the Elite Eight! Voting starts tomorrow morning (Thursday, July 17). Now that we're further along, you have to pull right and scroll down...sorry about the formatting!

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Well, Round 1 voting has closed and there were some upsets. Some surprises. And some expected wins. So take a look at the updated bracket and prepare yourself for Round 2 (which starts Tuesday morning (July 15, 2014)). If you need a moment to remember those we've lost along the way, scroll past the bracket and relish the memories.

I have to say, Round 2 looks like it's going to be really, really tough...