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Classic Who: An Outline

In mid-2014 I started watching all of the Classic Who episodes on Amazon Prime, with the intention of breaking each season/Doctor/Companion down, much like I did with my friends leading up to the 50th. Welllllll...that didn't happen. But I found my notes this weekend (after getting excited about it at Gallifrey One!) so here are my thoughts in outline form. (Real talk: I wish I'd found these before Gally1 because there are some ribbon-worthy quotes in here.)

Homeward Bound

6:55am: Since I've been in the airport, they've played Gloria Estefan's Conga, Prince's Kiss, Phil Collins' One More Night, The Jam's Town Called Malice, and, incredibly, The Cure's Lovecats, among others. LOVECATS! If I had to be stuck here, The Terminal-style, it'd be ok.