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THE AMERICANS: Internal Squabble Edition

Joaquin fan-girling:

Haley: "What are we even doing here, ladies?!"

Erin: "My heart cries for Danny and his dancing Christmas gifts. But NOTHING can stand against Jo and his Johnny Cash blacks. Except maybe Jared Leto."

Jen: "Easy peasy. Maybe it would've been harder if Damages hadn't ended so long ago, but, welp, it did."

So now, it's time. IT'S TIME.

Segel Train: Departures Daily

Y'all, I apologize. It has been the craziest week, but in a good way. You know those times when you feel positively challenged by work, proud of yourself for "being a grownup," getting to hang out with old friends and comparatively newer friends who've moved away and are back visiting? That's been my week. It's been great, but when I get home, I've pretty much hopped straight into the 'ol jimjams and fired up the DVR.

Excuses now out of the way, here are your Sweet Sixteen result...