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It Was a Good Day

A few weeks ago, I sat down at a coffee shop and outlined nine – NINE – posts about the music of my childhood. Roughly a week later, I started watching Breaking Bad with the hopes of finishing it before tonight’s finale. While I totally reached my goal, productivity of any other kind was out the window. If I write nothing else, it seems like today would be best served by letting you into a history of rap and hip hop, from this young G’s perspective.

Confessions: "Rebel" Music

The benefit (well, benefit) of having an almost-decade-older sibling is that there weren’t a lot of pop-cultural limitations growing up*. This isn’t to say we were sitting down as a family to catch that new movie on Cinemax or anything; we were down with Cliff and Claire. Still, I don’t remember being told “you can’t watch that**,” "you can't read that," or “you can’t listen to that.”

We Built This City

Picture it. Nashville. 1985ish. Satin jackets. Badminton rackets. Power pop. That was the world of The Jackers; a sibling duo who brought the house down at every show. Well, not literally. That would've resulted in a really long Time Out.

Consider yourselves VIPs on this trip down memory lane which, coincidentally, is made up of highways and interstates that'll take us from Nashville, TN, to Prattville, AL, to Austin, TX. I'll be updating the blog with posts between now and October 2 (the "go" date of the tour part of the tour) and then the hope is to have posts, video and other multi-media from the road. You can follow updates on Twitter through @_TheJackers.