All in Week in Review


Over the past few days, I’ve gotten to be a part of something I’m really proud of - #WhoAgainstGuns. I’d like to tell you about it. I know that this is a divisive issue, and because no one has ever been converted on an idea via no-name blogger (and, honestly, because I’m a little cowardly), I’m turning off comments for this post. If you’d like to take reach out to me about it, please send a message – but please read through my full post first.

TL:DR*: I don’t want to take away your guns. I promise, promise, PROMISE. I would like to see increased gun control measures. Visit the linked site for information on how to donate to worthy organizations, or maybe DO keep reading on…

Let the River Run

Although I'm writing this on a Thursday afternoon while I sit on my Mama's couch in Alabama, I'm scheduling it to publish on Monday morning as I drive to my new job. I'm both anxious and excited, and after about two weeks of totally free time, I'm ready to have something to do with my day.

My Spirit Animal, Solangate and Road Trips

My internet-turned-real friend Jamie has started writing every day. She is really great at it, and you should check it out. I am not so great at it. Things that I think through on the way to work, or the way home, or trying to get to sleep at night seem like really interesting topics, and then fizzle out when it actually comes time to put pen to pad (for instance, I have this whole thing about the idea of inheritance in August: Osage County; we should talk about it). What I CAN do, though, is offer a quick peek into the sometimes-random-mostly-typical things I find myself doing each week. Here's the past week, May 9 through 15.