All in Family


This morning my Grandmama passed away peacefully. Like so many of her generation, my Grandmama was inspirationally pragmatic. She was also gentle, caring, and had such a heart for her family and her country.

She taught me how to wrap presents (and let me use that $$$ fundraising wrapping paper that we all sold her!) and use cigar tobacco to take the hurt out of a wasp sting. During the summer, I'd go with her to church in the morning and play with her Ouija board in the afternoon. She helped me build a greater love for non-domesticated animals and Breyer's vanilla bean ice cream.

I'll be lucky to live up to her legacy, but a better person for trying.

Confessions: "Rebel" Music

The benefit (well, benefit) of having an almost-decade-older sibling is that there weren’t a lot of pop-cultural limitations growing up*. This isn’t to say we were sitting down as a family to catch that new movie on Cinemax or anything; we were down with Cliff and Claire. Still, I don’t remember being told “you can’t watch that**,” "you can't read that," or “you can’t listen to that.”

The Legend of the Jackers

I think I’ve talked about this before, but my brother and I had a “band” in the 80s (didn’t everyone) called The Jackers. Our hook? We wore jackets. Also, we played plastic badminton rackets as guitars and sang into a Fisher Price radio-tunable microphone. We played our gigs on the staircase landing in our house in Bellevue off Sawyer Brown Road. It was, in a word, awesome.

God, Family, Country

During the winter, I came up with a set of questions that I wanted to ask my Grandparents and mailed them with SASEs...I thought it would let me learn more about their "past lives" but also give them something to do during the cold months. On this Memorial Day weekend, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my Grandmama's answers with you: