I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.
— Dolly Parton
The Roar of the Crowd, the Scratch of the Pen, the Whoosh of the Candle, the Bump in the Night

The Roar of the Crowd, the Scratch of the Pen, the Whoosh of the Candle, the Bump in the Night

What I'm Into - September 2017

September was destined to be a fun month, and yet somehow it still...spiraled. It was SO BUSY, but fantastic. 

The Roar of the Crowd

Score one for Facebook friends - Thanks to a former coworker, I was able to get two tickets to the Alabama vs. Colorado State game and my mom and I headed to Tuscaloosa. The weather was perfect, our seats were in the shade 90% of the game, and Alabama came away with a W. Perfect day!

A different type of crowd - While I was in Budapest, I got a text from my friend Jen asking if I wanted to see the Avett Brothers documentary. She was able to get us tickets in the newly posh Green Hills movie theater (helloooooo reclining seats) for May It Last. It is a must see for any AB fan, and I hope it's released for purchase soon!

The Scratch of the Pen

I've had my eye on a 2018 page-a-day planner for a while, but decided to go another route and try out bullet journaling! I'm not following ALL of the "rules" (symbols, moves forward, etc.) but have my handmade* quarterly journals ready to go. I'll share my method in a later post. I'm really excited to try this out!


The Whoosh of the Candle

September 23rd marked my Grandmama's 93rd birthday! A pretty big group of us were able to be there in Auburn, Kentucky, to celebrate. We had a fun celebration (with a cake from Fox's Donut Den, if Nashville locals are interested) with babies and puppies abounding!

The Bump in the Night

I've gotten a jumpstart on the October scary stuff, I guess. Around mid-month (when I'll confess to watching too much TV while working on those bullet journals), I gathered my nerves and watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I even watched most of it with the sound on! I followed that up with finishing up American Horror Story: Hotel after about a one-year hiatus, and then binged AHS: Roanoke. 

ALL of this was brought on by squealing and freaking out over Twin Peaks: The Return. I'm still processing it so I don't have much to say, except that I absolutely loved it.

Coming up in October:

  • A bridal shower! (not mine)
  • David Gray and Alison Krauss at the Ryman
  • Mutemath at the Ryman
  • ACL Festival
  • Nashville's Southern Festival of Books
  • Keeneland

I'm ready.

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