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FabFitFun - The USABLE Subscription Box

FabFitFun - The USABLE Subscription Box

Pardon me while I go full on infomercial...

Do you love getting makeup and beauty products along with the occasional gift (stationary, earrings, etc.)? Do you love testing new products that you can't justify buying flat out at Sephora or Ulta? Do you loathe month after month of mascara that lasts four months when all you wanted was a new red matte lipstick? Do you laugh at hair products that come in tinfoil packets and provide enough product to maybe cover your eyebrows? Do you receive enough skin firming in the mail to maaaayyyyyybe feel a little defensive about it I get it I have flabby arms just leave me alone already?

Well, have I got the subscription box for you!

Founded in 2010, FabFitFun differentiates itself from the rest by sending FULL SIZED PRODUCTS - makeup, hair care, skin care - and unique gifts - umbrellas, candles, bath bombs, jewelry - on a quarterly basis. No more drowning in tiny foil packets, sunscreen and mascara, FFF gives you the product and then gives you time to TRY it before sending you the next box. Added bonus: each  month, there is an option to include "add ons" at a small charge and many past products are included, making it easy to find old favorites while trying new products.

After two years of receiving the box, I joined the annual subscription, which provides a discount for paying for one year up front. The coolest thing - all annual subscribers are allowed to customize three or four items each quarter (for example, if an item is a great beach towel, you get to choose which of three or four designs you like best)! 

I'm not going to make a habit of this, but I do love this product and want to share! Click here to check it out and order the Summer 2017 box!

FabFitFun Subscription Box

This is the summer 2016 box - clockwise from top left, you see: a beach bag, microderm body scrub (LOVED this stuff, nice lemony scent for summer), after sun face cream, Betchsicles silicone champagne-shaped popsicle molds, beach towel, sea spray hair product - and there was a layer under this!  (!!!)