I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.
— Dolly Parton
Video, Audio, Biblio

Video, Audio, Biblio

What I'm Into: March Edition


I'm still really enjoying Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, House of Cards, and Downton Abbey (RIP, it was great but let's be honest it was time), and also The Walking Dead (you can see my related Scale of Shame here). But...

Is anyone watching Daredevil? I'm not sure even the charming Charlie Cox or my major Marvel FOMO could make me watch a season that I've already heard is MORE violent than the first. Someone can just tell me about it and send me nice pictures of Foggy being adorable. (And let me know if I should suck it up and watch it.)


This is kindof an audio with a video bonus, but I'm putting it here anyway: I saw Burt Bacharach with The Nashville Symphony on what I lovingly referred to as my BURTday. To celebrate, I created the below video playlist. Enjoy :).

It should come as no surprise that 90% of what I follow on Instagram is dog accounts. This adorable little gem came across my feed this past month, and I forwarded it to everyone I know. I love that at first glance, it looks like he's just going for it, but then you see the Golden kicking in and he's just doing EXACTLY what he's told - he lands where the other guy tapped. Such a Golden. 

Wait for it!! Video by @puppylove_abbie

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When not consuming the Hamilton soundtrack, I caught up on podcasts. Guys, I cannot recommend BBC4's Soul Music enough. You can listen online through an On Demand feature, or download the podcasts (sporadically updated) through iTunes. Go here to see all episodes, or jump directly here enjoy one of my favorites, Brothers in Arms.


The second book is out you guys! And you can order them here, plus find out more info about Beam & Hicks and these wonderful stories they're creating.

They're here! #thelastbeholder High fives to @erinhmoon and @megebeam; I'm so excited to read them!

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You can find a list of what I'm reading here (I don't always rate things, but you can see the average rating!): Goodreads

March went by like a blur, and I'm ready for April. Q2. Let's do this.

In April, I'll be into...

  • Spelunking
  • Retreating
  • Wondering
  • Boot-scooting

What I'm Into
Whatever You Imagine Might Happen, You Really Only Do Need One Scarf

Whatever You Imagine Might Happen, You Really Only Do Need One Scarf

The Walking Dead Scale of Shame

The Walking Dead Scale of Shame