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Classic Who: An Outline

Classic Who: An Outline

In mid-2014 I started watching all of the Classic Who episodes on Amazon Prime, with the intention of breaking each season/Doctor/Companion down, much like I did with my friends leading up to the 50th. Welllllll...that didn't happen. But I found my notes this weekend (after getting excited about it at Gallifrey One!) so here are my thoughts in outline form. (Real talk: I wish I'd found these before Gally1 because there are some ribbon-worthy quotes in here.)

Random early season stuff:

Yeah guys, that's right. It was "Dr."

William Hartnell: Four part Aztec episodes from Season 1

  • Jim Varney-esque, Phil Hartman-esque
  • Barbara, Susan and Ian
  • Changing cultures/judging; Is this normal? The Doctor tells them not to interfere with the old way of life, but he’s not very emphatic about it. The companions seem a lot more strong-willed, and in a “oh, poor old man” sense than even Amy or Donna. Is this normal? Also, I think Susan is an idiot.
  • “You failed to save a civilization but at least you helped one man.” 

Another "Dr."

Patrick Traughton: Four part Cybermen episodes from Season 5

  • Digging it
  • “renewed” – he really does look like a younger William Hartnell

Jamie and Victoria

  • Earlier episodes weren’t available on Amazon Prime – what’s the story with Victoria’s dad?
  • I could see that these Cybermen episodes would be AWESOME for little boys in the 60s!

Patrick Traughton: Season 6 

Jamie and Zoe

  • WTF is happening? The Doctor sees the companions, and not Gallifrey (because it hasn’t been destroyed yet, I guess) or another place. That’s adorable. This reminds me of the Felicity episode when we get to see what’s in Megan’s secret box.
  • Episodes 6-7: These are more like episodes of the Twilight Zone. THE MASTER!!!
  • They are REALLY dedicated to having the Scot in a kilt. I’m guessing The Doctor picked him up from an earlier time than the 60s, too?

eps 8-10: inside books!

  • Medusa is an early weeping angel, basically

  • "I have yet to see a robot that... Can climb!!!" The Qmaster isn't gallifreyan - but supposed to be the same character?

  • Disintegrate!

Third Doctor, last "Dr."

Season 7

ep 1 - 4:

  • more than halfway through the show and haven't seen his face; regeneration!!!

  • This doctor recognizes people immediately!

  • What do you think of my new face? Could be useful on the planet Delphon where the communicate with their eyebrows. - this is a modern doctor!

  • Speaking of modern /@- same type story as nines introduction

  • gun hands! These are exactly the same! Now I want to hear what nine has to say about it during his intro

  • Unit!!!

  • actual window dummies are coming to life! This makes nines intro all the more brilliant. That would've been almost a generation apart. 35 years

  • Is this the beginning of the sonic screwdriver, and does that make it earth technology? Units?

  • Smith, ER, doctor john smith

  • Companion Liz

Season 10

episodes 1-4: Three Doctors

  • Back at unit. Quite right, too. When I tell you to run, run!

  • Bessie the car - what's that about?

  • So far this so reminds me of the electric light parade

  • Companion jo

  • An entire room full of gallifreyan to help 😞

  • And fake William hartnell reminds me of Glinda - fake?

  • Oh you're my replacements are you, a dandy and a clown?

  • Omega the time lord "I should have been a god!"

  • At some point Pertwee got a sonic screwdriver

Carnival of monsters 5-8

  • Finally not in earth!

  • Bermuda Triangle? This reminds me of the x files. I'd love more Bermuda Triangle episodes


Episode 14 green death part 6:

  • I'm over multipart stories. I miss nine

  • So many costumes for 3!

  • Nancy. In her robe? It's threes company up in here

  • Ugh and Jo's still here. The worst.
  • Unit and the car!
  • Jo is leaving to marry this Russian figure skater. Who is this guy?
  • How much travel was done in the tardis? Vs this car?

Season 12 ep 5:

  • Ooooooh title sequence and logo! And Tom Baker!!! The face in the intro is a throw back, not a moffatism

  • The scarf!!!

  • Sarah Jane!!!

  • In love already

  • This Harry is already the worst.

  • This has odd Logan's run qualities


  • Tom baker reminds me a lot of nine

  • "Fancy a member of the fairer sex being the top of the totem pole!" Ugh, Harry.

  • It might be irrational of me, but human beings are quite my favorite species.

  • This is the first story that hasn't been 100% happy at the end.

Season 13

eps 9-12 

  • This feels like such a modern doctor. And Sarah Jane gets to have her own ideas. He is nine!!!

  • There is a man in a fez on my tv that isn't a doctor.

  • I think in about to see them build k9!

  • If Sarah jane is wearing Victorias dress, then the doctor just has all these old relics of past companions all over the place in the tardis. How sad!

  • This isn't near as fun as when the doctor was possessed by Cassandra

  • No K9 😞

Season 14

episodes 17 - 20

  • I'm tired of the multiple episode stories, but this seems to be the norm and how things were judged (in stories not episodes)

  • Companion Lela! She is from the far future? She looks like a cave woman

  • Shirtless actors!

  • "A simple thank you would've been sufficient."

  • "well yes you've failed but congratulations! Failure is one of the basic freedoms"

  • I get the Tom baker thing now

  • If leela is from the far future and it's primitive, then why don't we see that time again?

Episodes 21 - 26

  • Yea! Back in time! And he's Sherlock!

  • Puppets. Nightmare ville

  • It's Jack the Ripper and Sherlock!!! Mrs Hudson!

  • Puppets and ten foot rats, yay! I do like leela using her knowledge in this ep though

  • Elementary my dear light foot - I bet people DIED at that line
  • Are these the same pig people as in later seasons?

Season 15

  • Still leela

Horror of fang rock eps 1-4

  • This feels like another Sherlock story even though it isn't. Or Poirot actually.

  • Leela is more likely to go off and do things on her own - and she's capable. The patronizing tone of the doctor is pretty annoying

  • Rutan, that's the empty rhetoric of a defeated dictator, and I don't like your face either.

  • Everyone has died but leela and the doctor!

  • These bad blob guys were defeated by the sauntaurans!

  • These stories are starting to feel more modern - the bad guys fighting other bad guys with earth as only a stopping ground or vantage/strategic point

Season 16

episodes 1-4

  • New companion!

  • And K-9!!!

  • This is surely a bad trip. Colonel Sanders is here. The white guardian. Beware the Black Guardian.

  • And he's going after the gems of the glove to create a tesseract?

  • Whoa! An ASSIGNED companion.

  • Ramona looks like Wonder Woman

  • I love the mixing of times - Edwardian meets James Bond

  • Ramona looks like the heAdless queen from return to oz

  • If this Robin Hood?

  • "So you live in ?Shire??" "No, we come from the North."

  • Is this ENTIRE season going to be finding these stones? Sigh. Multi- part episodes.

  • I feel like they stumbled across the old bbc sets for Shakespeare and Classic plays. It's like the tempest up in here.

episodes 5 - 8: The Pirate Planet

  • I feel like I've come in during the middle of a story. What is happening?

  • I'd somehow completely forgotten about Ramona. She does look like she should be on Saturday Night Live. Like a mixture between Gilda Radner and Lorraine Newman.

  • So, what makes a TIme Lord able to drive a TARDIS? If The Doctor is teaching Ramona...? But she said she's read a book. Speaking of the TARDIS, it's SO BRIGHTTTT and the console room is even BIGGER than usual. I like when it's rounder and a little comfier.

  • "Good looks are no substitute for sound character."

  • His scarf in this season looks felted, which makes me question everything I though I knew.

  • I want to see this set - it looks like something that was found out and about, and not built just for this episode. I need the story.

I watched all of the classics, but stopped taking notes when I thought I'd lost these earlier ones. You're saved!

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