I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.
— Dolly Parton
Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

Getting home from Gally1: A Cautionary Tale

5:42am: There is the loudest flight attendant on this airport shuttle and he won't stop exclaiming over mayonnaise. I can't decide if I'm entertained or annoyed. 

6:45am: So apparently you can't check your bags over 4 hours before a flight. I've spent the last half hour talking to a very nice woman from Mexico who was in town visiting her boyfriend. It was a heartbreaking conversation, so if it moves you, send one up for the lady traveling to Albuquerque and then on to her pueblo today.

6:55am: Since I've been in the airport, they've played Gloria Estefan's Conga, Prince's Kiss, Phil Collins' One More Night, The Jam's Town Called Malice, and, incredibly, The Cure's Lovecats, among others. LOVECATS! If I had to be stuck here, The Terminal-style, it'd be ok.  

7:57am: I'm eating hummus before 8am and just want to retroactively apologize to the guy I judged at BNA last week for eating a burrito at 10:30. 

8:04am: Private Eyes ☺️ followed by Nasty Boys. Please someone just start dancing! 

10:18am: In line to board with London Calling as the soundtrack. Which is actually just rude.


4:26pm CST: That. Was. Turbulent. And the lady next to me started crying. It was horrible. 

4:51: I'm about to dine on an amazing meal of peanut butter m&ms, which is the only thing I had time to get between flights. I'll share them with my row if they promise not to cry. 

8:18pm EST: I just got off the plane to see The Varsity next to a Chickfila. BACK IN THE SOUTH, BITCHES!  

9:30pm CST: Fun fact: In 60 more miles, I'll only be 300 miles from home! 

Classic Who: An Outline

Classic Who: An Outline

To Infinity...and Beyond!

To Infinity...and Beyond!