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THE RIGHT MANS: Internal Squabble Edition

THE RIGHT MANS: Internal Squabble Edition

Haley, Erin and I (you need at least three, right?) broke out our results for smaller debate. Here they are:

ROUND ONE - results

There was a shock right off the bat - I couldn't believe that my friends...my good, good friends...would Bend It [on] Beckham like that. As you can see, we were pretty much aligned until Haley and Erin left me alone in some cases. (Seriously, the only time the two of them different was over Mison vs. Hoult. The only time!)

Redmayne and Gleeson are lost. Sigh.

ROUND TWO - results

I wasn't by myself anymore this time! (Well, sometimes I was (I'll miss you, Fassy), but there seemed to be a more even spread. I'm shocked by the Christian Bale shutout, but proud of the Martin Freeman allegiance. Now it's time to move into the Elite Eight!

ROUND THREE - results

There's really only one thing to say. I'm sorry, Sherlock.

Now on to the Final Four. I feel like they're all winners at this point. Or, rather, WE'RE all winners.

FINAL FOUR - results

So...who'll it be? Is this where our internal bracket will cross paths with the public bracket? It's all in the game, yo.

POST CHALLENGE UPDATE: Now there's THIS effing thing.

THE RIGHT MANS (internal squabble edition) - results

The question has been answered: Idris Elba is almost the most attractive. Hats off to you, Idris, but we just couldn't deny Hiddles his rightful place as the First Annual Hottest British Man. Know that you'll always have a place in our hearts, and, thankfully, roles where we can enjoy multiple hot imports at once. I mean...

With Hiddles...

With McGann...

With Hardy...

With Fassy...

And that's just a sampling!

Take heart, Stringer; you'll always be the catalyst for our conversation!

So now we're aligned. The public bracket and the private - people have opinions about everything, yes, but I guess we've learned that possibly the least divisive is Tom Hiddleston.

To view the full "internal squabble" bracket, click here.



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