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Notes from the Lighthouse

Notes from the Lighthouse

Last night, I watched last week's episode of LOST (Ep 605, The Lighthouse) to catch up for this week. Because I'm used to watching with a group, I'll be honest...it was a little lonely. In the first two and a half minutes I'd had multiple OMIGOSH! moments, so I decided to put together a nice stream of consciousness post for you. (I just had to look up how to spell "consciousness.")

It should go without saying that if you haven't seen last week's episode, and you ever want to see it without knowing what happens, you shouldn't keep reading...

Vicent is saving you from spoilers! If you haven't watched, just keep looking at him, don't keep reading!

1. An appendix scar? What? Is this a flash forward...which I guess would now be a flash backward? (A flash forward-backward?) A flash sideways? I'm confused...

2. WHAT? Jack has an old kid?

3. WOuldn't it be funny if they tied Asian Temple-guy to Asian tattoo-girl that Jack already knows? And temple-guy goes BSC when he sees the tattoo or something? FUnny...

4. WHATTTTTTTTTTT????? JACOB!!!! If that's mirage-Sayid or something...

Apparently late at night my conspiracy theories take on more of a "cloak of darkness" air...

5. Hey! I have the Annotated Alice!

6. I would love for Sayid to just bash Jack's skull, right now...

7. Jack's forehead wound looks like Obama's campaign logo. Don't you think?

8. I couldn've done without seeing that (Jin's leg in a bear trap)

9. So, is Jacob bad? I don't want him to be bad...

10. So, in the crazy island cycle, Claire is Rousseau? (Missing baby, goes crazy, kills people she knows?)

11. YESSSSSSS! Hurley is theorizing his own show!

12. Ohhhhhh...so, is this what Ben saw that time and flashed the mirror for? Or was that in the jungle? I can't remember how high up the light was that flashed back at him.

13. Kate better WATCH. OUT.

14. WHAT?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! SHUT UP...they're bringing temple-guy into the real world this late in the show?

15. What are all those names? Will this bring Locke back? Will this kill Hurley? I miss Faraday.


17. Well, now I'm sad that this kid may not continue to exist...

With four minutes left in this episode, my computer is screwing up. I just need you to know my frustration.

18. "Thanks for another seven years bad luck, by the way..." GREAT line!

19. When bad-Claire and bad-Sayid meet, is this going to be like Ghostbusters?

20. I'm scared for Jin. I just need him to reunite with Sun...

Note to the LOST group: Aren't you glad I don't say all THIS when I'm watching with you guys?

lost Lost LOST

lost Lost LOST

What's your 4-8-15-16-23-42?

What's your 4-8-15-16-23-42?