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Lost without LOST

Lost without LOST

It’s 8:15 on Tuesday, May 25th. What to do, what to do…

Here’s a list of Pros (and yes, to me there are some) and Cons of LOST wrapping up. In true sorority girl fashion, I'll start and end with a Pro:

Pro: I won’t feel tied to my TV at a certain time every Tuesday night, or feel guilty if I have other plans. (Because that’s ridiculous; it’s just TV, right?!)

Con: No more Richard Alpert (aka Guyliner). Le sigh. Maybe he’ll get a pilot?

Pro: This one’s for you: You won’t have to read any more of these posts. At least, you know, once all the post-show internet searches have lost their luster.

Con: LOST has been the show that’s kept my attention longer than any other show. Every other show I’ve watched in “real time” has eventually dropped off my viewing radar, but this was different. With all the reality TV (read: crap) out there now, my guess is there won’t be anything else like it for quite a while.

Con: No more Benjamin Linus. I normally don’t like to call “greatest ever” for anything that’s currently on the air, because I feel like it discredits everyone before them (Here’s looking at you, VH1, for naming Britney Spears “Best Pop Star in History” a couple of years ago…); however, Benjamin Linus HAS to be one of the greatest TV villains ever. Right up there with, um, you know. Those other TV villains.

Pro: Maybe Kate dies. I guess we’ll see on Sunday, right?

Now, for probably the last time (since I never do this when I watch with other people), my LOST recap from this week’s episode (Tuesday the 18th)... The notes that I typed during the show are at first, my comments are in italics:

Saving you from spoilers since 2010

Jack's eyes - he's looney? We always see things come in from Jack’s eyes. What if he has a brain tumor or something and this is a St. Elsewhere kinda move?

Desmond is a rat bastard.

What if, in time travel, Jin & Sun's daughter is the tattoo artist? You know, Jack’s?

Can Des control the flashbacks? Do flashbacks happen every time he touches someone, or can he choose what they see and when they see it? We know that he showed Hurley and he’s the only one who remembered, but I can’t remember much else…

Glad Ben is back!

Technically, Miles wasn't there 30 years before, but concurrently with Little Ben.

Des vs. Jacob – touching Desmond is the new Jacob with the whole touching thing.

“What's that? A secreter room?”

He really shouldn't drink that water from unused pipes. Or he’ll get malaria…

Ooooh, Desmond's smooth! Getting Sayid & Kate in the same place. Has he planned all of this out or is he “taking orders” from Jacob? He really IS like Jacob; maybe that’s how the show will wrap up? Ooooh…that means that Jack could die, even though he drank the immortal water or wathever?

I'm glad we'll get to see Halliwax again! We should see him at the concert, right? If they actually show that.

Next to last episode & Jack & Sawyer get to be buds!

Showdown w/ Locke, Ben & Rich, my fave characters...who, other than Locke, is gonna live?

OMG I love Ben!

Russo in heels!!! And Alex is playing matchmaker!

Life off the island is looking better than it did in the first "flash-sideways." Even though Jacob said that he pulled everyone from miserable lives, the more recent flash-sideways haven’t looked as bad, at least for Jack and Claire and Ben.

I'm glad Widmore is about to get his.

“He doesn't get to save his daughter”…yessssss!

But not Kate...he didn't choose Kate, right? I don’t remember her name being crossed off, but I guess that it was.

If someone does end up guarding the light, I hope it's Ben, but I don't remember him being on the wall.

It's gonna end badly right? Under water?

Yes! Ana Lucia dirty cop...because we all hate her anyway!

 I have a feeling Ben's about to get thrown into a well. Luckily this didn’t happen…at least this week. It might start us off on Sunday, though. I wonder why Smokey is keeping him around?

God, Family, Country

God, Family, Country

...and all the pieces matter

...and all the pieces matter