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lost Lost LOST

lost Lost LOST

Apparently I've been a busy little bee (eek!), but somehow I missed the previous FIVE episodes of LOST. What's funny is a) LOST is the only show I watch in "real time" (aka, on the TV regularly) and b) the day before I missed the first episode, I joked that it would be funny if I missed one episode and decided not to watch again. I call this the Dawson/Felicity Corollary, because that's exactly what happened to me with those shows. I watched regularly for most seasons, missed one episode (both shows on the same night, actually) and never watched again until I picked them up on DVD a couple of years ago.

I kept trying to find the time to sit and watch them all in a row, and finally last night Haley was nice enough (and her roomies) to let me crash in her living room and watch them. LOVED it. So...here is a running SoC from Twitter, BlackBerry messenger and e-mail...

Here's Vincent! You know what that means...SPOILERS FOLLOW!

jen clapp: Nestor is shockingly white (pale)

Haley: Haha, I guess so.

jen clapp: He is also very, very skinny

Haley: Yep

jen clapp: I love this guy that plays the man in black

Haley: Titus welliver

jen clapp: They did a good job of finding an easy crossover to locke, if that makes sense

Haley: Yeah

jen clapp: I still can't decide which is good & which is bad, honestly...jacob had some evil looks in the richard episode

jen clapp: WHAT!?!? Sun & Jin aren't married?!?!?

Haley: :)

jen clapp: I do love Keamy!

jen clapp: I'll be happy when I can stop reading subtitles!

Haley: Haha, keamy's hot.

jen clapp: No doubt

jen clapp: Jin is locked in Alex's boyfriend's torture room!

jen clapp: I don't like Sayid's being a drone :(

Haley: Me either

jen clapp: MIKHAIL!?!?!?

jen clapp: What!?!? So, if Jin shot out his eye, then Mikhail could have existed in these times concurrently & known everything, right?

Haley: I don't know the answers to this show!

jen clapp: If they brought back Charlotte, and now Desmond...my fingers are crossed for Faraday

jen clapp: Wtf charlie?!?

Haley: Just wait. :)

jen clapp: Charlie is decidedly more gray!

Haley: Yeppers

jen clapp: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

jen clapp: Faraday's mom!

jen clapp: Omg...this is concurrent sideways travel...and it sounds like alice in wonderland

jen clapp: I <3 Faraday

jen clapp: Ohhhhhhh no :( Desmond & this episode...he needs to stick close to Faraday, his constant!

jen clapp: Crap...Michael came out of the woods...I was hoping for Vincent.

jen clapp: I'm so glad she's gone!

jen clapp: Who is crazy Matt Damon kid?

jen clapp: It's the cool guys against the normal guys!

jen clapp: I miss regular John Locke

Haley: I know. :(

So...just watched the last 30 seconds of LOST (at work, yeah, I'm a bad employee)...HOLY CRAP! So...if Desmond is gathering the troops, this could mean:

In the scheme of "everyone has a partner" (from what Desmond (I like to call him Des) thinks about love guiding them to the island, and also from what Man in Locke said about the pairs on the roof of the tunnel), this could mean a) Ben is Locke's "love" because of the connection through the school or b) Jack is Locke's "love" and Desmond's hitting him with the car is what finally causes him to go to the hospital and see Jack. I guess we'll find out tonight?

I personally would love to see Jack and Locke as the partners, because it would clear up the Kate situation...we'd know that her "partner" for our purposes now is Sawyer (however, we know she isn't on the roof of the tunnel, which leaves Sawyer's partner to probably be Hurley...unless Hurley is with Sun...Oh! So much to think about!!!

And there you have it, folks! So...looking forward to tonight's episode in four short hours! Let me know your theories...

Edit: I just realized in the above e-mail ("So..." through "about!!!"), I didn't close parentheses. Fail. I hope I just spelled parentheses correctly.

Edit: In last night's episode, where was Richard? Is there something that happened to him in an earlier episode that I missed because I was cruising through them so fast?

...and all the pieces matter

...and all the pieces matter

Notes from the Lighthouse

Notes from the Lighthouse