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Inception Preconception:

Before watching, I didn’t know anything about this movie beyond what other people said about it the weekend it opened. I don’t watch network television that much; I don’t go to the movies that much – I hadn’t seen trailers, or known who was in it past Leo, Ellen Page & Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I knew Christopher Nolan was involved so that it’d be pretty tight. So, going in, my ideas sound like a 12 year old girl:

  • Ellen Page generally gets on my nerves.
  • I <3 Leonardo DiCaprio. And JGL (who proves that a good haircut makes all the difference).

Now…the spoilers. Don’t read if you haven’t seen it yet!

Inception Reception:

These are thoughts that I would have live-tweeted if I thought I wouldn’t lose all of my followers. They’re immediate reactions, so most of them were wrong (kinda like all my LOST theories) but I’m okay being wrong. In fact, I submit my wrong-ness for your perusal:

  • Please let that be Albert Finney. Please let that be Albert Finney. Please let th….nope. Ken Watanabe in makeup. Drats!
  • I really want to see Matt Damon in True Grit. (I think this thought came after looking at Leo and thinking about how he somehow instantaneously changed from looking like a kid to looking like an adult about two years ago.)
  • JGL: Daaaaaannng.
  • Lukas Haas! I didn’t know he was in this! (Take a look at this for background on that enthusiastic reaction.)
  • When this top stops spinning, shoots gonna get real. And real fast.
  • Oh, she died in a derailment. Literal train or did she go crazy?
  • Oooooh Cillian Murphy…didn’t know he was in this either…
  • Every time JGL puts on the iPod, Hall & Oates You Make My Dreams Come True pops into my head. (I still think this would’ve been hilarious…those who have seen [500] Days of Summer know the catch beyond the obvious wordplay…)
  • Is this I Am the Cheese?
  • Who wrote this?!?!?! What were they on?
  • I feel worried about Arthur. Is he really old outside of dreams? Is he dreaming he’s young?
  • Oooooh Ellen Page & Mal are in the same clothes! (This was the beach scene when Leo allows Ellen Page to come into the limbo conception. EP was in the same clothes Mal was in when she washed up…or at least they were very similar; I guess that's because it was Leo's conception?)
  • Is Arthur going to get squashed by that elevator? Is he martyring himself?
  • Are Art & Ellen Page actually James & Phillipa?
  • GOSH these men in suits.
  • He drank her milkshake! (This is what popped into my head when Leo picked up Mal’s totem…)
  • Domo origato Mr. Saito.* (I thought this when he “died.”)
  • Is that Janovec from Band of Brothers?!? (The whole freakin’ time he was on the screen I was trying to place Eames. It wasn’t until he was lying flat on the floor that I thought…hey…that’s Janovec! And I looked it up today and it totally IS Janovec!)
  • How sweet! Janovec stayed as Tom Berenger to help that guy grieve.
  • Saito came back! I was worried.
  • Oh…poor guy…he’s stuck in the matrix.

Inception Apperception:

I want to watch this again and again to see what I can pull out to help me know what “world” we’re in. I’m pretty sure if I paid close attention, I could pinpoint Leo’s totem. That’s my next goal.

And also, if we've learned nothing else:

  • Nothing compares to a man in a good suit.

*Anyone who tells you they didn’t think this at least once in the movie either a) honestly doesn’t know the song or b) is lying.

If I hear music, I'm gonna dance.

If I hear music, I'm gonna dance.

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God, Family, Country