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Relationships: File Not Found

Relationships: File Not Found

I was on this grand quest to view and write about as many awards' season movie contenders as I could, but awards' season has come and gone. Here are some things I started and never finished:

Going into this movie, I knew three things:
1) It's about politics.
2) I love every single actor and actress in this movie.
3) The poster made me do a double-take literally every time I saw it.

And then I watched it. (Yet apparently didn’t think to write anything down.)

Side note:
During the Golden Globes, I had this idea that while Morgan Freeman
has had his fair share of nominations and wins, his best “role” is that of a
facilitator. I mean, really - think of all of the actors and actresses

that he's starred with who've won awards, or movies that have won awards) without him receiving a nomination or award for the same film. This is what I'm starting to think about Marisa Tomei. I call it the Cazale Effect.

Thoughts on Drive:
1. Christina Hendricks got a leading credit for that, y’all.
2. I think a single viewing of this one is going to do it for me.

(I actually have many, many more thoughts about this one. Let me know if you want me to talk about it.)

Email conversation about The Descendants:
From: Haley Bragg
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2012 11:34 AM
To: Clapp, Jennifer R
Subject: The Descendants

I meant to tell you this last night, but I watched an episode of Inside the Actor's Studio with Clooney yesterday. They were talking about that scene were he runs to that couple's house after he finds out about the affair and James Lipton refers to the woman as his sister-in-law. That make a lot of sense, but the movie NEVER defined that relationship! I know it doesn't really matter, but that's kind of a monumental flaw, in my book. Their reaction makes so much more sense! On the other hand, I don't really understand why we don't see them with the parents. Does that make sense?

Anyway, thought I'd pass that along. Hope you're having a good day!

Haley Bragg | designer

From: Clapp, Jennifer R
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2012 11:46 AM
To: 'Haley Bragg'
Subject: RE: The Descendants


In my head I put them together as girl friends who got married and tried to make themselves couple-friends, but Clooney never really gelled. Does that make sense? I don't buy the sister-in-law thing, unless there was also a cut out scene where the father, in one of his rants about how amazing Clooney's wife is, talks about what a disappointment the other daughter is. But seriously, they should've put that in the movie. ALSO, if she was the sister, I'd like to think Clooney's character wouldn't've broken the news about taken her off the machines that way...I mean, look at the grace he showed the dad, who he repeatedly admitted to not having a good relationship with?


I'm having an okay day. I'm eating lunch (more soup...it tastes good, but I'm glad that I'm on the last portion) and trying to write what I want to say about The Ides of March (which I keep mentally turning into 50/50...I blame it on the movie poster). I feel like I wrote a pretty good piece in my head right after I saw it, but that was weeks ago.

Would you want to co-write something on The Descendants with me? We can include the above snippet, filed under "Relationships: File not found."


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