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Dreams for the end of the world: my predictions for an already-aired episode of AMC's The Walking Dead.

Dreams for the end of the world: my predictions for an already-aired episode of AMC's The Walking Dead.

Confession (easily implied from my title): I missed last night's episode of The Walking Dead.

Last week, a coworker and I said we'd make a list of everything that we thought was going to happen, email them to each other, and then circle back once the episode aired. Now I'm holding up that whole process (until I can rush home right after work and watch), but it does give me time to share my predictions with you, reader. So...enjoy:

If I don’t think too hard about it, here are some possible scenarios I can come up with:

  1. People are going to die. It’s a given. My guesses and potential scenarios:
    • Merle – He will either go turncoat on the prison-ers and kill Darryl himself, or he will sacrifice himself for Darryl. Darryl may or may not end up dying anyway.
    • Michonne – She could do several things. She may offer herself up to the Gov to save everyone else; he kills her then continues to bring it to the prison-ers, OR she could die for someone else inside the prison. Either way, if/when she goes, I think it will be sacrificially.
    • Milton – He’s getting too likeable for a Woodbury guy. I would’ve said he might actually START the killing spree at the prison as a way of proving his loyalty to the Gov, but that was two weeks ago. Last week, things changed for him.
    • Beth – She really serves no purpose to the story except to look like Luna Lovegood, give flirty eyes to Rick and sing songs every now and then. She would be much more interesting if she just defected and went from flirting with Rick to flirting with the Governor. PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN.
    • The racist guy and/or his son that was with Tyreese. They are the worst.
    • Hershel. I love him, but the man has one leg. I mean…
    • Glenn or Maggie – to make the other one broody. If Glenn dies, I will be heartbroken. If Maggie dies…eh.
  2. I think I’ve already told you this, but I could easily see the Governor stealing Little Asskicker and/or Carl. By the middle of next season, the Stockholm Syndrome would set in.
  3. Rick will see Ghlori (ghost Lori) and wander off into the forest and miss the entire showdown at the prison, only to come back and find that people have been killed, but Tyreese saved the day (and Carl). Luckily, the sherriff’s hat is stolen by Martinez and we don’t have to watch Carl grow into it.
  4. I honestly don’t think anything will happen with Rick, the Gov, or Tyreese, although I don’t know where the series could go if they’re all left standing.
  5. Andrea. Ugh. I’m sure she’ll still be around at the end, because why not keep her around to cause more problems?
  6. I still think THE BEST would be if Milton bars entrance to the Gov when he gets back from the showdown. Also in my best-possible-case scenarios: If Morgan came and helped defend the prison (but, in true poetic justice, would probably have to die), if someone realized that Carl should have supervision, if we saw the Governor without his shirt on, if Merle either confirmed himself as a good guy or died (because I need relief to that tension).

Random comment: Except for Morgan’s wife, why haven’t we seen any of our “survivors” recognize a walker? Except for Michonne’s potential family, of course. Unless this group of walkers have now made it up from Florida or something, law of averages would suggest they’d all know people. Also, except for Sofia, there’ve been no walkers Carl’s age, and no “crawlers” (which, I admit, they may just not want to show on TV).

I want to know Glenn’s back story.

Okay. One more death scenario:

Darryl dies to save Merle, proving his loyalty once and for all (but not being DISloyal to the prison-ers, of course, just showing the family bond). Merle “gets it” and dies saving someone…maybe Michonne? Maybe Glenn?...and so both Dixons are out of the game. This is a worst case scenario for me.


How'd I do? I'm not planning on checking this out until after I see the episode, so please feel free to share your thoughts about predictions-come-true (mine and your own), thoughts on last night's episode and predictions/hopes for the finale.

Viva los Dixons.

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