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86th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars 2014)

86th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars 2014)

Here is a collection of my night of over-tweeting (even though Kim and Brax were nice enough to say I wasn't). I like to think of this as my Dark Side of the Moon. Instead of starting The Wizard of Oz, just push play on your DVR of the ceremony and enjoy the experience! Plug: I used Storify to put these together - it's a pretty neat service, once you get the hang of using it.

Oscars 2014

My over-tweets from Sunday's broadcast (and beyond).

  1. I started off my Oscar Sunday self-coverage with some general facts about the different movies in my life:
  2. My favorite Jesus movie we watched in youth group starred Gary Busey and Howie Mandel. #jensmoviefacts #TheOscars
  3. First PG-13 movie I saw: Back to the Future II (1989), w/ my dad & brother. I wanted to see The Little Mermaid. #jensmoviefacts #TheOscars
  4. The first rated R movie I saw was Demolition Man (1993), with my brother in Montgomery. #jensmoviefacts #TheOscars
  5. The most depressing movies I've ever seen both had "bear" titles: The Bear (1988) and Jack the Bear (1993). #jensmoviefacts #TheOscars
  6. Then I started scouring Twitter for celeb and red-carpet coverage:
  7. When you see me on the red carpet of the oscars tonight, just know…there’s a burrito in my clutch. pic.twitter.com/WwXQtMq10A
  8. My favorite movie is Field of Dreams (1989), which wasn't nominated for an Oscar but has an EGOT cast. #jensmoviefacts #TheOscars
  9. I want to be this diva on my wedding day. Including the leggings as pants. #JohnnyandTara #Oscars pic.twitter.com/XK8qSHmrl7
  10. In high school I had a binder with 30-40 actor IMDB profiles printed off and I'd check off movies as I saw them. #jensmoviefacts #TheOscars
  11. Around 6:30pm, I had to make the sad decision to stay home (Winter Storm Titan was the first to affect Nashville, which is ironic when you think about it) and miss an Oscar viewing party. Luckily, my digital antennae picked up ABC clearly and I was able to catch some of the red carpet and the full Oscar ceremony before the rain started pouring enough to give me static.
  12. I love June Squibb because I think I've seen her at the grocery store. #TheOscars
  13. I wish I had E for the red carpet I can read I'm missing. #TheOscars
  14. Matthew's phrasing sounds like he's making an alter call. #TheOscars
  15. I want to be friends with Cate Blanchett more than J Law. #TheOscars
  16. I just giggled at my tv for Chiwetel. #Oscars
  17. (I started following @poniewozik during the Olympics and have never looked back. Solid tweeter, you guys.)
  18. Seeing Jared Leto affirms my hair color decision. How do you feel about it, @mollsabeth? #Oscars
  19. @jenclapp I'm not at all ashamed to admit he inspired me to color my hair. #Oscars
  20. Jared Leto, less information about who made your suit, more information about who makes your deep conditioner #Oscars  http://ow.ly/u9ZFy 
  21. The cheers for Bill Murray restore my faith in humanity. #Oscars
  22. In a choice of Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner, I pick Renner. #Oscars
  23. @HeadOverFeels I need your comment on Sandy's possible plastic surgery/Botox. #Oscars
  24. "We don't dance off, we dance on. We dance together. We get it on. We're not interested in competitions."--Benny re: Fassbender & Hiddles
  25. "It deals with the serious issue of people who have sex at rodeos." LOVE LOVE LOVE #Oscars
  26. I love that we know exactly how many people are taking pictures of Anne Hathaway. #Oscars
  27. Anne Hathaway looks like Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez. Am I right? #Sandlot #Oscar2014
  28. He's so beautiful it hurts to look at him. He is also so so deserving of this. #Oscars
  29. Pharrell knows and now has hats in all colors. I love him so much y'all. #Oscars
  30. Daaammmnnn Bruce Dern, tell us how you really feel! #notHAPPY #Oscars
  31. My Mama also just said Samuel L looks fit*. (*pretty sure she doesn't know the "dual" meaning) #Oscars
  32. Way to be both meanings of pissed all at once, Harrison Ford. #Oscars
  33. This is a moment Frozen in time. Just like Kim Novak's face. #Oscar #Oscar2014
  34. I just discovered @JaredLeto has an Instagram account and it has changed everything. everything.
  35. That time I didn't get ABC on the digital antennae and COULD NOT WATCH THE OSCARS.
  36. Amy Adams doesn't even care right now. #Oscars
  37. More like "Long Walk to Proscenium," amiright?!? #Oscars
  39. I don't think you understand what my heart just did when Benedict Cumberbatch leaned in for that selfie. #oscars
  40. True Detective season 2. They don't even have to say anything. #Oscars pic.twitter.com/IY4UminJmj
  41. You know that #TeamOscar girl lobbied HARD to be out there with Hems. #Oscars
  42. And all the designers held their breaths about oil stains. #Oscars
  43. New bucket list item: Have Bill Murray call me "baby." #Oscars
  44. Also, Alfonso is kiiiiiiiiiind of a silver fox, y/y? #Oscars2014
  45. @jenclapp I'm not watching the Oscars, what is he crying about?
  46. When I was little, I thought Jaws (1975) was going to come out from under my bed and get me. #jensmoviefacts #Oscars
  47. Kickstarter for audio from Dead Poets Society to play under all commercials. #NEIL #KnoxOverstreet #ocaptainmycaptain
  48. Bill Pullman's ID4 quote sponsored by iPad Air. #Oscars
  49. Controversial things I am over at the #Oscars : Jennifer Lawrence and Let it Go. Sorry not sorry.
  50. @RNfromKY: I love Bette Midler! #Oscars” I thought of you and our tape making at Grandmama's!
  51. I WISH. // @NickFlora: Next up Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart sing ”All For Love“ from Disney’s Three Musketeers from 1993! #Oscars
  52. Post 4am team. Digging into the peanut butter. Pouring 3rd glass of wine. #cleareyesfullheartscantlose #Oscars
  53. I am so, so glad we never had to watch/hear Paul Dano sing his song from 12 Years this award season. #Oscars
  54. What the... What did he just say her name was? #Oscars
  55. Adele Dazim is her magical secret Scientology name.
  56. Sorry Ellen, your record will now be surpassed by people talking about Travolta and whatever he just said. #Oscars
  57. I think I'm one of about 5 people in America who haven't seen this movie yet. #Frozen #Oscars #IKNOW
  58. I really want Owen Pallett to win an Oscar! #Oscars
  59. Don't let her take her purse up there!!!! Someone help her! #Oscars
  60. Yay Her got something! Don't be put off by the strange concept friends, you'll be missing out on one very unique and poignant movie.
  61. There's definitely going to be a "John Travolta Name Generator" on the interwebs by the time most of us wake up tomorrow. #Oscars
  62. When does Frozen go into the Disney Vault?
  63. @lipstickonteeth: Let's get Kevin Spacey to host next year. #Oscars” co sign
  64. WHOA they pulled DDL out of hiding. This is the biggest deal. #Oscars
  65. She has no idea he's standing behind her. Bless. #Oscars
  66. Get over yourself Jen. Not your moment. #Oscars
  67. Was McConaughey trying to say that the best thing about heroes is that while you keep getting older, they stay the same age?
  68. Love this win, and that Brad finally cut his hair, and that we get to see Lupita again and Chi and the Fass. #Oscars
  69. I still want to know what Sally was so upset about. #Oscars
  70. Oscars rolling us out with some Berlin. Yea-yuhhhhhh! #Oscars
  71. Some general favorites:
  72. Pharrell and Meryl are still dancing, making their way through the L.A. streets while little children throw flower petals on them.
  73. Dear Ben and Fassy: please go hard at the after parties in full view of SEVERAL photogs. This is all we ask. #Oscars2014
  74. I assume all actresses in dresses with deep front V's are spending most of the night in bathrooms asking people to help fix their tits.
  75. "I had fun...I. Made. NEW. FRIENDS."--Leo's pep talk, spiraling. #oscars
  76. i've never rly cared much about brad pitt until tonight when he started handing out pizza plates like a hot dad at a birthday party
  77. #Oscar to Jennifer Garner for remaining conscious when Benedict Cumberbatch looped his arm through hers in a gentlemanly fashion.
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