I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.
— Dolly Parton
The First was Jurassic Park

The First was Jurassic Park

This morning, Ryan and I chatted about music. First, he rebuked my playlist, which I defended as being for a specific time and purpose (time: as long as I can stand to listen to those songs; purpose: short (2-5 mi) walks) and therefore not able to be held to the common standards of music judgment. He has his own playlist, which you can find here.

He mentioned that he would love to be in charge of putting together a soundtrack for a movie (source music, I'm supposing, not score). I said that having that job could be good or bad…and I have two examples to support this, although with them, the directors/ultimate filming creative decision-makers were also responsible for the soundtrack, so that might factor into the problem:

1. Garden State vs. The Last Kiss: I mean, the second movie was so awful I'm not even 100% sure that's the actual title (Last Kiss, First Kiss, I can't remember). From what I've heard about Garden State, what's-his-name from Scrubs submitted the soundtrack - as it appeared in the movie - to the producers when they received the script. Also, the music is ordered on the soundtrack in the same order it is featured in the movie, which is genius (and how most "completely-through" CD listeners would want to hear it anyway). I'm guessing that the hype of the first soundtrack put a lot of pressure on what's-his-name to follow up. It didn't happen - or it did, depending on how you look at it. The soundtrack was great, but it completely overshadowed the movie. The movie, from what I can remember, was a guy going through an early midlife crisis, ditching his preggers girlfriend and starting a relationship with a high schooler. ZACH BRAFF…that's the guy's name. I finally looked it up…anyway, are we always going to have to watch movies where Zack Braff struggles to find essential meaning? Also, for Erin's sake, I need to point out that The Last Kiss (and I looked that up too, that's the name) is a Paul Haggis joint.

2. All Cameron Crowe movies before Elizabethtown vs. Elizabethtown: Cameron Crowe is great. Really, really great. But what's the deal with Elizabethtown? Is it because it was his first project since Vanilla Sky and he was trying to show his stuff after a break? I don't know. Anyway, CC has one of the greatest movies under his belt (Almost Famous) and then has Elizabethtown, which is (like other CC movies) soundtrack heavy, and with great songs, but (unlike other CC movies) completely blows. Sad times.

Okay, enough about that. Now, for my list (which can't be disputed, only commented upon, because it's my opinion) of the greatest movie (source music) soundtracks ever...

1. Twister: I think I've told pretty much everyone who listens to music that this is the greatest soundtrack ever. It really is. High points: Humans Being - Van Halen, Talula - Tori Amos, Moments Like This - Alison Krauss & Union Station, Darling Pretty - Mark Knopfler

2. With Honors: This was the first CD I ever bought with my own money - I got it for my birthday with money from my grandparents…so, okay..maybe it wasn't my own money. I picked it out, anyway. I'd just gotten my first CD player that Christmas (six days earlier), a Sony DiscMan. It was awesome. High points: She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult, It's Not Unusual - Belly (Note: I was obsessed with this song for about five years. First this version, then the original Tom Jones version, particularly after Mars Attacks! came out.), Your Ghost - Kristin Hersh with Michael Stipe, Cover Me - Candlebox

3. Garden State: It lives up to the type, I think. It also reminds me of my last summer of college, which is pretty memorable all on its own…and comes with its own soundtrack! High points: Let Go - Frou Frou, The Only Living Boy in New York - Simon and Garfunkel, Caring is Creepy - The Shins, Fair - Remy Zero

4. Dead Presidents: I like to put this on while I clean my house. Soooooo mellow… High points: Walk On By - Isaac Hayes, I'll Be Around - The Spinners, Do Right Woman, Do Right Man - Aretha Franklin (Side note: The score was by Danny Elfman, which is kinda weird to me.)

5. Reality Bites: This is the third CD I ever bought (the first two also being soundtracks, not surprisingly), it was to replace the cassette I had of it, and I've lost it. I was ALL ABOUT this movie in seventh grade. ALL ABOUT IT. High points: Spin the Bottle - The Juliana Hatfield 3, Revival - Me Phi Me, When You Come Back to Me - World Party

6. Wayne's World 2: I'm not kidding. I have it in a tape player at home right now! High points: Out There - Dinosaur, Jr., Superstar - Superfan, Idiot Summer - Gin Blossoms

7. Batman Forever: Batman & Robin is almost, but not quite, as good. High points: One Time Too Many - PJ Harvey, The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game - Massive Attack, The Passenger - Michael Hutchence


Honorable mention: Flashdance! Dirty Dancing, Mighty Ducks 2 (don't pretend like you can't name at least three songs from it). I'm sure I'm leaving out something that i really like and I'll feel like an idiot later, but such is life. I mean, this is just a post about movies.

Finally, I would like to respond to Ryan's playlist with "Emmy Rossum? Really? You're going to challenge my playlist with Emmy Rossum?"


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