I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.
— Dolly Parton
Five Alive!

Five Alive!

I stole this from Erin and Taylor. For Taylor, it was five things he would go back in time and see/do. For Erin, it's a combination of that and just top five wishes. Mine are like Erin's.

Musical Performances:

  1. Elvis Presley, Aloha from Hawaii, 1973
  2. Farm Aid (the original, to mainly see Willie Nelson), 1985
  3. The 100 Club Punk Festival (specifically for The Clash), 1976
  4. Simon & Garfunkel, The Concert in Central Park, 1981
  5. Peter Gabriel, Secret World Live tour, 1994

Movie Releases (in theaters):

  1. Star Wars
  2. Gone With the Wind
  3. The Jazz Singer (could you IMAGINE?!?!)
  4. Citizen Kane
  5. The Godfather

Blblical Events*:

  1. When God spoke to Moses on Mt. Sinai
  2. When the angel appeared to the shepherds on the night of Christ's birth
  3. When David killed Goliath
  4. When Noah built the ark (I think I get this desire from the book Many Waters)
  5. When Jesus appeared on the Road to Emmaus

Historical Eras/Events (specific locations)*:

  1. Revolutionary Russia, 1914-1923: Moscow - to be in the city that was tottering between losing and gaining relevance over and over and over...
  2. American Civil War, 1861-1865: small town Kansas - to be just removed from the national issue of secession
  3. Post-War Berlin, 1945: to see the effect of the division of the occupation; How did the people as a whole feel?
  4. English Industrial Revolution, late 18th Century: The air quality is just awful in the UK now, I can only imagine the health and environmental catastrophes that manifested in the first 50 years of the transition from agriculture to mechanical industry. Blegh.
  5. Small town US, 1959: The country gets two new states; the first in almost 50 years, and two of only five granted statehood in the 20th Century. Imagine being in US history class during that time…around 10 or 11 years old. How cool that must have been!

Books I want to discuss with their authors:

  1. East of Eden, John Steinbeck
  2. Fathers and Sons, Ivan Turgenev
  3. Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison
  4. Needful Things, Stephen King
  5. Roaring Lambs, Bob Briner


*In both of these categories, of course I'd want to exist for about a day, tops, in the safest, least historically accurate way possible.

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