I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.
— Dolly Parton
Who's going to the 'ship?!?

Who's going to the 'ship?!?

Y'all, I am truly thankful. I mean, bless you, but poor Leonardo DiCaprio was in this for far too long. NOT JUDGING, but...judging. Sorry. But GUYS. Over Matty Mc?!?! REALLY?

So now we're here. The Championship round. Let's take a look at the bracket (and you can CLICK HERE to view it in Google docs):

Interestingly enough, Chris Pratt won his match up unanimously, so keep that in your back pocket. 

On to the comments:

Pratt vs. Timberlake (aka Pratt fan-girling):


"This isn't even a contest anymore."

"Because while JT may be the one you want to do, Pratt is the one you want to marry and do the rest of your life." - Kim, @headoverfeels ("Plus, your parents will love him.")

"I'm surprised at my own vote here, but really it's just because JT canNOT win the whole thing." @tenaciousjenn

"I think Chris is more down to earth and has brought the sexy back more recently." - @sarahmcstephens

"I've seen one of these guys in IMAX 3D and it was legit." - Jen

DiCaprio vs. Hamm:

"I'm in the .01% of Americans that aren't all that sexually attracted to Jon Hamm. And of course I still hold a torch for my childhood boo thang." -

"Because I once sat in a pub at a table next to HammBone and we both watched the Gold Medal Women's soccer match. The hotness is real." - Kim, @headoverfeels

"Jon Hamm wins here because Leo drives a wimpy electric car."

"HAMM-BONE! I don't mean that naughtily...well, maybe I did" - @sarahmcstephens

So now, you know what to do. Come on down to bracket-town...


THE AMERICANS: Internal Squabble Edition

THE AMERICANS: Internal Squabble Edition

Goodbye, Diamond Dan

Goodbye, Diamond Dan