I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.
— Dolly Parton
Segel Train: Departures Daily

Segel Train: Departures Daily

Y'all, I apologize. It has been the craziest week, but in a good way. You know those times when you feel positively challenged by work, proud of yourself for "being a grownup," getting to hang out with old friends and comparatively newer friends who've moved away and are back visiting? That's been my week. It's been great, but when I get home, I've pretty much hopped straight into the 'ol jimjams and fired up the DVR.

Excuses now out of the way, here are your Sweet Sixteen results:

Sadly, it looks like the Muppet Man's journey has ended. Also sadly, Haley and I didn't quite* get around to recording an audio snippet for the next round, so look forward to that in the Final Four! Now...on to the comments! I'm including quite a few this week since I'm laming out on other content.

Downey, Jr. vs. Cooper: "I've never gotten the appeal behind Cooper, but man could RDJ get it even though his son's only 4 years younger than me."

"I think he is clean now."

"My heart will forever belong to RDJ. I fell hard for him a long time ago and my love has only grown stronger since Iron Man." @TenaciousJenn

"Primarily cause I still love Will Tippin." Kim, Head Over Feels

Pratt vs. Chandler: "This is profoundly unfair, but I'm picking Chandler because of my hot dad fetish."

"Clear eyes, full hearts."

"Texas Forever and I hate you." Kim

"Clear eyes can see that Coach Taylor is the hotter of the two."

DiCaprio vs. McConaughey: "I'll never let go, Jack." Kim

"McConaughey's voice is like sandpaper. If he duct taped maybe."

Mulroney vs. Lowe: "Silver Fox FTW" Kim

"I literally cannot even begin to understand how this is a contest." (Lowe)

"This answers the age-old question. Who's sexier than Rob Lowe? Dermot Mulroney is." HB

"I've appreciated Mulroney so much more post-About Schmidt. He's not afraid to be the absurdly pretty guy playing gross characters." Jen Clapp

"Salt and pepper hair is sexy! Oh gosh, now I'm showing my age." @TenaciousJenn

Pitt vs. Timberlake: "*N Sync for life, snitches."

"I'm voting for who makes good choices regarding who they procreate with in real life. JT loses."

"Timberlake's just a kid from Memphis. Pitt might be something different than he used to be, but we all remember how good he looked eating stuff in Oceans 11." HB

Segel vs. HCJ: "One of these people wasn't in Sex Tape."

"I'm cuddly, bitch. Deal with it." K

Hamm vs. McDermott: "Hamm seems smarmy."

"HammBone 4eva."

"Dylan hasn't aged in 25 years. He clearly knows where the fountain of youth is and I need to follow him there." @TenaciousJenn

Duchovny vs. Messina: "I'm personally offended by this, but I went Duchovny since my love for him is almost 2 decades old. Don't tell my boo Chris."

"Chris Messina is the most talented actor alive today, humble, and extremely sexy."

"I hate you Jen. Also Fox Mulder always wins." Kim

"Duchovny seems like he might actually be a sex addict who believes in aliens."

"I'm only picking Messina over Duchov because to my knowledge, he's never admitted to being a sex addict."

*aka We didn't at all.

**Unless he's already been voted out, in which case, so sorry. Check out this conciliatory Pinterest board.

The Final Four is already open for voting! CLICK HERE to visit that post.

Goodbye, Diamond Dan

Goodbye, Diamond Dan

Star-Lord and Rocket. Way to be.

Star-Lord and Rocket. Way to be.