FabFitFun - The USABLE Subscription Box

Do you love getting makeup and beauty products along with the occasional gift (stationary, earrings, etc.)? Do you love testing new products that you can't justify buying flat out at Sephora or Ulta? Do you loathe month after month of mascara that lasts four months when all you wanted was a new red matte lipstick? Do you laugh at hair products that come in tinfoil packets and provide enough product to maybe cover your eyebrows? Do you receive enough skin firming in the mail to maaaayyyyyybe feel a little defensive about it I get it I have flabby arms just leave me alone already?

Well, have I got the subscription box for you!


I am on the hunt for some Hatch prints for Ryman shows that I attended but didn't grab the poster. Please take a look through the list and let me know if you know of anyone who may part with a poster, or if you've had any luck in searching for them yourself and can pass along tips!


Hatch Roster <-- Click to see the list

Video, Audio, Biblio

This month I've been into Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, House of Cards, The Walking Dead, The Martian, Finding Colin Firth, Brothers in Arms and, as always, cute little puppies (not a euphimism). 

Experiencing it Again, for the First Time

It's the most wonderful time of the year (that blood family aren't also present for). My second year at Gally was so unlike my first year that it felt mostly completely new. From a conference standpoint, I spent about 400% more time in the main room, went to some meet-ups, and also some nighttime options outside of the dance party. From an experience standpoint, though, the differences were immeasurable. I know it's almost a full month behind me now, but I still can't wrap my brain around it. More on it later...but here are some pictures in the meantime. 

Hot tip: Come to L.I. Who.