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Classic Who: An Outline

In mid-2014 I started watching all of the Classic Who episodes on Amazon Prime, with the intention of breaking each season/Doctor/Companion down, much like I did with my friends leading up to the 50th. Welllllll...that didn't happen. But I found my notes this weekend (after getting excited about it at Gallifrey One!) so here are my thoughts in outline form. (Real talk: I wish I'd found these before Gally1 because there are some ribbon-worthy quotes in here.)

In Other News

Last week I started to feel compelled to show that I don’t only think about British men and their relative attractiveness all the time; I have other interests. Thinking about the other things that were occupying my free time, I realized I was…reading British-authored books and watching BBC shows. So, that’s me. A not-so-subconscious Anglophile.*

Subject: Question

This week, I’ve had many firsts. I’ve cheered for the US National Team in the World Cup (cheering for anyone in soccer is actually a first for me). I’ve used “i.e.” and “concurrently” correctly without looking them up first to make sure I used them appropriately (um…I did look them up after to make sure). I’ve learned how to make a shark emoji on Facebook – (^^^)  if you need it. All these firsts are why it was so refreshing – comforting, even – to visit this morning and see that they’d featured one of my longest loves. British men. Suits for days. Cheekbones. Things that American men have, yes, but with accents uncommon to my social circle!

Something that didn’t happen this week was the start of a many month- (almost year?) long discussion with Haley Bragg about British men. But, it's time we wrapped things up.

Some truths we hold to be self-evident:

  1. As we are in our 30s, childless and live in the early 21st Century, this is our Hunger Games/Sophie’s Choice.
  2. Sometimes, even people with college degrees and well-meaning intentions fall trap to the stereotypical American insensitivity of lumping all mid-Eastern-Atlantic Islanders together as British. (Look, you are about to see a list of people who are not all Brits. Some are Irish ("Irish Irish," that is. Sorry again for not knowing how to make that distinction; I promise I'm not stupid.) Some are German. One guy was born in California. Our bad. Our extreme bad.)
  3. “There is much beauty in this world"

You should keep reading, trust me...