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Dear Macauley

Brooke and I came up with the following little business plan/wish list to basically spread Mac's joy throughout the world. We're not saying he'd love all these five opportunities, but we ARE saying everyone else will. Promise.

The Best of 2013

Much like 2009, there was a LOT of music listening going on in my life. Chalk that up to lengthy road trip preparation (and therefore obsessive playlist making), or going to a record number of concerts. There's a list inside this link, and a Spotify playlist for what is available online as well. Happy listening!

It Was a Good Day

A few weeks ago, I sat down at a coffee shop and outlined nine – NINE – posts about the music of my childhood. Roughly a week later, I started watching Breaking Bad with the hopes of finishing it before tonight’s finale. While I totally reached my goal, productivity of any other kind was out the window. If I write nothing else, it seems like today would be best served by letting you into a history of rap and hip hop, from this young G’s perspective.

Even Worse

Am I one of those “older people” who thinks they grew up in the height of some cultural era? Thinking back on my musical history, though, I am sure I lived in the golden age of Michael Jackson videos (Thriller, Remember the Time, anyone?), the Peter Gabriel stop-motion videos*, and, by middle school, the gem that was VH1’s Pop Up Video. The videos I remember the best, though, are the parody videos of the late 80s and early 90s.